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How do you plan to market your business? There are more marketing choices than ever: advertising, promotions, social media and word of mouth all need to be part of your marketing plan. Advertising has expanded exponentially with traditional radio, television, print, outdoor billboards and digital.

Radio and television now offer many of these advertising options all under one roof and can help you build traffic to your business or website and can expand your customer base with their on-air products, promotions and digital media.

Radio & Television can help build your business like no other media can. That's not to say other forms of advertising don't have their place. It's just that the power you possess with radio & television is what's needed to lead your way into the busy lives of today's consumers. It's not just about reaching people where they are, but also reaching people when they want to be reached. Radio & Television wins on both accounts, and that can make your business a winner as well. To help you master these powerhouse media, we've included some inside information about how to achieve the best results.


How Broadcast & Web
Work Together
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Broadcast Media
How Broadcast & Web Work Together
Plenty of advertisers have found out the hard way that web alone won't bring in new customers. Just as radio & television are traffic builders for retail stores, they are also traffic builders for your
website. Keep these tips in mind when considering the relationship between broadcast and web.

DO include your web address in your broadcast advertising if you have an up-to-date contemporary website that's easy to navigate.

DON'T include your web address if your website is such that the online experience could be frustrating or less dynamic than the in-store experience.

Remember that the websites of your local radio and television stations are among the most visited local sites. This means that if you want to add some web presence with your advertising, your local station can supplement your broadcast buy with web advertising that also gets seen by the masses.

If you have too much information to include in a broadcast message, don't dismiss the medium. Rather make your broadcast message a teaser that directs people to your website for more

Try using broadcast radio or television to promote a printable coupon on your website.
Put your radio & television advertising on your website and make it easy to share with a friend.